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Welcome to webroot.com/safe activation wizard

To install webroot just reach www.webroot.com/safe

First of all , save the program and then run it

seems like it is asking for a key code , put your key code which on your webroot retail card.

Do you want technical support ?

To install your webroot instantly get a free technical support for webroot activation

what is www.webroot.com/safe?

webroot.com/safe is the right web url (uniform resource locator) to download webroot installer file.




I can not reach www.webroot.com/safe

In case you have any difficulty to reach www.webroot.com/safe or to allocate the key code

Simply call the technical support. Get first consultation free of cost.

Why i need to go webroot.com/safe and why i do not have a cd (compact disc) for webroot ?

In old times people were often losing there compact discs and also cd were not good for a year time duration. So all internet community started making there web pages to activate there given product key / activation code/ key code.

That is why we need to go to the webroot com/safe and it is the page where you will get what you need.


www.webroot.com/safe key code


Just put the key code when you will be asked during activation process

activation process

  • download program from www.webroot.com/safe and save it
  • Now run the program and it will ask for the key code
  • allocate your key code as described in above image
  • seems like you have a box , finally put your key code here.
  • click the positive options now .

User query for-


and users query is about webroot activation page which is completely resolved now. Most noteworthy all the steps are given.

most of all users are able to do with this explanation but they prefer to call technical support at 1-833-274-7842 for the complete initial configuration of the computer.


reach webroot.com/safe for instant activation


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