webroot keycode activation

what is a webroot keycode ?

webroot keycode –

is 20 characters alphanumeric strings. Just see the back of your retail card. You will find a place to scratch. Scratch it gently.

webroot keycode activation

  • For your webroot key code activation , first of all open the page webroot.com/safe in your browser.
  • Now the program will be downloaded automatically if you are using an internet explorer.
  • in case it is not downloading automatically . probably you are using any other browser other that the explorer.
  • In this case you will find a popup in the bottom of your computer screen . Either “save”  or “run” or both will appear .
  • “run” is first priority and if you do not have “run” then click save.
  • Ultimately run the program either after saving or directly.
  • Now it is asking for a webroot keycode
  • You already have it , as i described earlier. Put the key code.
  • Finally it is asking for your email.
  • put your email and seems like now your webroot is doing its first scan .

name of the downloaded file is wsabbs.exe 

it was known as wsainstall before now it is changed to wsabbs.exe.

article reference-

webroot. com /safe page

read also –

www.webroot.com/safe | activation page


webroot keycode activation is completely described and solved now

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